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10 Most Deadliest Animals

by Rizwan Asad
10 Most Deadliest Animals

10 Most Deadliest Animals

Nature is full of dangers.Today i will tell you about those animals whose are Deadliest Animals for human beings. Following are the pics of these animals.

10 Most Deadliest Animals

1. Bees

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Close-up of honey bee


The sting of a bee is very painful and it is also very dangerous. 53 people die every year from bee stings – which is basicaly due to allergy.If it land on your arm then d’not be nervous and noticed it for a moment. It will fly away if you dont make it feel threatened.

2. Lion

LionLion is the king of jungle and the most dangerous animal.He ruled whole over in jungle.He killed almost 70  people every year….

3. Tigers


The tiger is a very sharp animal which can caught a human being in a blink of an eye.Tiger run with the speed of built. Every year around 100 people are killed by tigers.

4. Reindeers


You weren’t expecting this one! Reindeers are not much of a violent animal, but do get involved in deadly car accidents. Around 120 people die every year from these.

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5. Dogs


They are cute and faithfull animals and domesticated animals but with this cuteness they could be very dangerous. Almost 25,000 people are killed by domesticated dogs in a year – mostly because of rabies.

6. Buffalo


These are huge animals.Each one of these weights about 1.5 tons – which means that even though this animal is not considered to be an angry one – but almost 200 people are killed by these animals every year.

7. Crocodile


This one is the most scary animal on the list. 1,000-1,500 people are dead and eaten by crocodile each year.

8. Hippos



It is also very peaceful,and huge animal and atleast is equal to elephant – but when it gets mad, nothing can stop it. Hippo killed almost 500 people evey year

9. Scorpionst 


Scorpion is small in size from all the other animals but it is more dangerous than its size.When it meet with the human being it sting on his any part of body which should be very dangerous.Almost 5000 people are killed by the scorpionst

10. Snakes


Snake is the most dangerous animal. It move very fastly on sand or soil instead of  hard place.Around 50,000 people die each year from snake bites.

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