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10 Lessons of Life To Learn From ‘Dear Zindagi’ Movie

by Shahzad Mughal

10 Lessons of Life To Learn From ‘Dear Zindagi’ Movie:

I watched “Dear Zindagi” yesterday and absolutely loved it. Alia Bhatt is what we all were at one time, in our 20s – conflict-ridden, chaotic and confused. Shahrukh Khan is what some of us are today – wiser, saner and older. Shahrukh Khan plays a psychiatrist in the movie and gives away some important lessons of life. Here are the lessons that I learn from “Dear Zindagi” Movie.

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Following are the points that i learn from  “Dear Zindagi” Movie :

  • If we take charge of our lives and understand ourselves well, then others’ opinions don’t matter.
  •  Every broken thing can be repaired.
  •  If we can try out different chairs before buying a new one, why shouldn’t we try out different people before deciding on our life partner?
  •  Parents should leave good memories for their kids.
  • You don’t have to suffer alone.
  •  To live a safe life, shed all your fears aside. Do not let your past blackmail your present to ruin your future.
  • Why should we focus on that one special relationship? All relationships are special in their own ways.
  • We all are teachers in the school of life.
  • Genius is about knowing when to stop.
  • Only YOU can complete the puzzle of life. Others can help you but you need to complete it.

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