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Download Torrent with IDM

by Zaryyab Salman

Download Torrent with IDM

Download Torrent in IDM Everyone uses torrents to download their desire files. In torrent you can gets the latest software, movies, music and other stuff on internet with no charges.

As torrent’s downloading speed depend upon the number of SEEDER’s (seeders means people who have already downloaded the file) if your file has less number of SEED’s then you will definitely get too low speed in downloading file.

So, you feels to much problems during download torrent, because everyone wants high speed downloading. SO, today Iam going to tell you How To ”Download Torrent in IDM ” . Yes, it is possible you can easily download torrent files with Internet_Download_ManagerIDM (Internet Download Manager) or any other your desired downloading client.

This becomes possible due to the help of cloud storage. So, I am going to tell you the best cloud storage sites which let you to download torrent with IDM.


Download Torrent in IDM


1. zbigz

 Download Torrent in IDM
zbigz is one of the most popular site for downloading torrent files without utorrent. It is every simple site for downloading your torrent files with IDM. zbigz provides free and premium membership also. Free membership allows you to download upto 8 GB. For downlading tottent files using zbigz simply just follow the steps:
Step 1: Go to zbigz site and you will see the something like this.
Download Torrent in IDM
Step 2: Now you can simply paste the link of your torrent file in box [Marked Red] and the simply clink on Go, If you don’t have magnet link to your torrent file or your link doesn’t works then simply download dot (.) torrent file and click on upload button to upload it and clink on Go.
Step 3: Now zbigz will ask you for premium and free membership, Just click on Free.
  Download Torrent in IDM
Step 4: It will takes sometime for caching torrent. When caching completes then click on Zip button to download your torrent file.
 Download Torrent in IDM
NOTE : So, this is about “Download Torrent in IDM Or With zbigz”. But you can also download torrent file without zbigz. I’m providing you the information and link of popular cloud storage sites which let you to download torrent with IDM. I am not going to explain the working of each site because these all almost works in similar way.
Some More Cloud Storage Sites:

2. PutDrive

dowmload torrent in idm



PutDrive one is the latest and the fastest site for downloading torrent files free or paid membership. It is best because it is faster, safe and provides you to download anonymously. It also provides downloading files from 85 hosts with super fast speed but for this you have to switch to premium account. In free account you will get downloading upto 10 GB.  you can simply download your torrent files just by creating account in putdrive. This site also works same as above. GO to putdrive to start download torrent with IDM.

3. Put.io

Download Torrent in IDM
This one also awesome site for downloading torrent files directly with IDM. But it does not provides any free account. The Bandwidth provided for Premium users it nearly  upto 1TB. GO to put.io to start download torrent with IDM.

4. Pcloud

This also another cloud site for downloading your torrent file with IDM. It provides many features. It has also free and premium accounts. The free account provides 10 GB bandwidth. It also works in similar ways as other above sites. It also has Android and iOS app for downloading files. GO to pCloud to start download torrent with IDM.


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