Easiest Way to Calculate Dog’s Age In Human Years

by Kashif Amin

Hello Everyone, I hope you are doing well and have sound and good health. let’s discuss todays important topic Calculate Dog’s Age In Human Years.

Calculate Dog Age

calculate dog’s age in human years

You’ve learned the phrase “they grow up so fast” lost around concerning kids, but it’s particularly more reliable when it comes to Ol Rover.

Scientists at the University of California have come up with a complicated method for calculating a dog’s exact age in human years. But thankfully there’s a calculator.

While earlier you might have just multiplied by seven, that wouldn’t be true since a dog ages much more quickly in its younger years.

The equating is 16 x ln(your dog’s age in human years) + 31, with ln being the common logarithm of the dog’s actual age. For the non-math likely, that involves 1-year-old Fido would celebrate his 31st human birthday. At 2, your dog is 42.1 years old.

So, do you celebrate your dog’s birthdays? And if you don’t have a dog, do you celebrate your pet’s birthday?

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