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Hijack Your Friend’s Browser

by Shahzad Mughal


Are you dog-tired of sending useful and jokey links to your friends and you are looking for some evil trick ?

Well today i give you how to do this ? The crazy Shove Google Chrome extension is here at your avail.

Shove is a  Chrome extension that allow you to against one’s will open the Google Chrome browser tabs on your friend’s computer. This Shove extension surely wish to make the internet a more shocking, yet daft place.

But it has one condition that  you and your friend  both have to agreed to install this Google Chrome browser extension to spit fury on each others computers/laptops.

But  installing it in your friend’s computers/laptops in his/her not present is always an option.

Once the users agreed to use this Shove extension then they can open links in each others  Chrome browsers anytime.

Actually this Google browser extension is made to spread links instantly & start a conversation in the form of videos , songs and words.

Install it from this link here  .
Do you like this  Shove extension for Google Chrome ?

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