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How to Buy Ripple in Pakistan

by Zaryyab Salman
How To Buy Ripple In Pakistan

Many people in Pakistan are interested in buying digital currency, especially in the best coins, including Bitcoin, Ripple, Ethereum, Litecoin, etc. Many international sites and exchanges allow people to buy these digital currency, but most of these services did not work in Pakistan. Today zarinews.com will tell you that how to buy Ripple in Pakistan with safe methods.

How to Buy Ripple in Pakistan

This will be a two-stage process that how to buy ripple in Pakistan. To explain in one line, first you buy a bitcoin either through a credit card or to your local bank, and then these bitcoins will be sold to buy the crypto currency of your choice.

So, for the stage, to buy bitcoins, you can use CoinMama or LocalBitcoins. For this purpose, you can find our detailed manuals on how to buy bitcoins through your bank account or how to buy bitcoins through a credit card. And for the second part, we will use Binance; cryptocurrency exchange, where you can trade the altcomans of your choice.

We assume that you bought bitcoins through the platform of your choice, following our guides. Let’s move on to the second part of creating an account in Binance. You can visit the website and make an account there.

Once you have created your account in Binance. In the top menu bar, you will find and click Funds > Deposits Withdrawals. (Screenshot)

How To Buy Ripple In Pakistan

Change BTC to Ripple

At this time, through “WithDrawals Deposit” you can transfer your bitcoin to Binance to exchange them for other crypto conversions. In the section, find the bitcoin and click the “Deposit” button.

Deposit button will show your binance unique bitcoin wallet address where you may transfer your bitcoins from CoinMama or LocalBitcoins. You will use this bitcoin wallet to send bitcoins to binance.

How To Buy Ripple In Pakistan

After you have sent the bitons to Binance, you are now ready to exchange them for the purchase of Ripple. From the menu, choose Exchange> Basic
On the right side of the exchange will be some popular trading pairs. Find Ripple (XRP) there. After finding it, click on it.

How To Buy Ripple In Pakistan

Now you are ready to change your bitcoin for ripples. Focus on the bottom of the trading user interface. On this stage you can place an order for the exchange of your bitcoin for ripples. In the section below, you can specify how much you want to buy Ripples, or you can choose one of the percentages to determine how much of your money you want to use to purchase Ripples.

After filling out the above form, click Buy XRP, and your order will be executed within a few minutes.

Ugh! Congratulations, now you have Ripples.

NOTE. ZariNews can get a small commission at every purchase.

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