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Latest Song “Kamli Da Dhola Hadiqa Kiani” Pakistani POP Singer

Karachi: Kamli Da Dhola Hadiqa Kiani! Hadiqa Kiani Pakistani POP Singer new Seraiki Sufi Song ”Kamli Da Dhola’ has been viral on social media.

Kamli Da Dhola Hadiqa Kiani

Hadiqa Kiani announced for his new music album called “Wajjad”, that she will revive the music related to the survival of the heritage of music in different areas of Pakistan
In this regard, she released the last days the first chapter ”Kamli Da Dhola’ at digital platform. Released highlight of this song says Hadiqa Kiani release that are all instruments live recording of the song and also were not included machine maker, songwriting has also developed the Hadiqa Kiani.
Song start with Baba Bulleh Shah’s poetry. Hadiqa says, she sang the song’s in competitions as a child.

Latest Song Kamli Da Dhola Hadiqa Kiani Pakistani POP Singer

Download MP4 Kamli Da Dhola Hadiqa Kiani

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