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by Shahzad Mughal
Media in Pakistan

Media in Pakistan seems to believe that they have unfettered freedom to do anything that they feel right irrespective of the fact that such an approach is not in the interest of the country and its people.

Any any national and pro anti national activity should be curbed. They should not imagine that they are supreme to the supreme court and pass their own judgement
In fact our media act as morale booster for traitors, terrorists and anti nationals. They are doing all this which is going on in the name of freedom of expression and human Rights.
Their attitude deserves to be controlled and very severe action needs to be taken against them for glorifying a terrorist. It is unfortunate that our media act as an agent of INDIA.
Today’s media has departed far from its duties and has become an entertainment program to create sensational news..
It should give priority to nation and national integrity instead of making people fool for its profit making business..
even The TV news channels like GEO ,98 NEWS are totally spewing venom against our Pakistan Judiciary in the name of Human rights.
These TV news channel are totally supportive of terrorists in the name of Human rights. Human rights is only for humans who respects humans and not for Terrorists who are not respecting human.Support fully the action against media.
This is too much. Creating a hero out of a criminal and giving him publicity as if he was a citizen who made this country proud of his endeavors.  Does Media want our younger generation to see this and copy him, what message is this coverage giving to younger minds who were watching all this.
It is high time strong action is taken against such media houses. Fully support Govt action.

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