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Microsoft releases Office 2016

by Shahzad Mughal

Microsoft released Office 2016 worldwide was two days ago. This release marks maybe the final approval that Microsoft is all in on the cloud. But now question is that what does it mean for Google?

ms office 2016

News two days ago morning that Microsoft was beginning the global release of Office 2016, the latest version of what is maybe the most broadly accept software suite globally. Alongside  core Office suite, Microsoft is pitiful up a lot of team productivity services around Office 365. It’s aid taking a look at the briefing before opining on what it’s all mean.

Let’s start at the head. First, Word, PowerPoint and One Note all include co-loring . What’s that means is that user who have the new version of the software can co-create documents in actual time. Furthermore, users of Word enjoy actual-time typing, allow them to see other users(persons) edits as they are made. Longtime users of Google Docs will fell this as something that seemed absolutely magical when Google introduced it years before, but to see it in Microsoft Word, the most widely accepted enterprise document creation solution, is pretty wonderful.

The whole Office Online suite now admit Skype in app integration, allowing fast messaging, screen sharing, talk & video chat to be started directly within records. On another collaboration main, Office 365 Groups are now an mixed part of the Outlook 2016 client app and available on mobile devices via  Outlook Groups app delivering a true team skills across the suite.

Office 365 Planner, being introduced 2 days ago , helps teams organize their work, with the power to act to make new plans, organize and assign works, set last dates and update status with visual dashboards and email alert. Planner shall be available in show to Office 365 , 1st Release customers next part. Planner looks like a strike at cloud-based tools like base-camp and will prove hunky to exists Office users.

At the end of this month, One-Drive for Business sees few big updates with new  clients for Windows and Mac as well as enlarged file size and volume limit per user, a new user intermix in the       web browser, mobiles enhancements, and new IT and developers face.

Outlook 2016 has few smart upgrades, with faster search and removal of low-priority mail features that G-mail  had for a while now. In addition, everyone on the To line has the rights access to record with latest, cloud-based attachments. For those who in love with their spreadsheets Software, Excel 2016 now includes join publishing to Power BI and new latest chart types.

Showing an acknowledgment for the need for  join approach toward record management, the most newly used documents list allows  user to pick up where they left off  traveling with them across devices, whether they are tasking in Office Online in the Office Mobiles apps or in the Office 2016 desktop apps.

Finally Office gets a group of security increase, with built-in Data Loss Prevention across Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Outlook & multi-factor authentication as a native savor.


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