Pakistan Vs Sri Lanka Cricket Match

by Zaryyab Salman
Pakistan Vs Sri Lanka Cricket Match

Pakistan Vs Sri Lanka Cricket Match

Another update from Sharda. Those who were praying for sunshine, look away now. “Okay it is now raining with refreshing enthusiasm. Not audible, but making its presence felt.”

If it doesn’t rain anymore, the umpires will have an inspection at 2.30pm

PradeepM: “It’s good to read commentary even without the match itself . It’s like one huge family interacting about cricket . Can you add the local time in the match details instead of the score card dock ? It will be useful in rainy days like this” – It absolutely does feel like that Pradeep. As for the local time, all the times you see in this ball by ball commentary at the start of some paragraphs in bold are local times.

And here’s Sharda with a further update: “An umpire has walked out for a pitch inspection and one lot of covers has been taken off.”

11.03 am: Some more stuff to chew on while the rain falls. Yesterday’s match between Australia and West Indies was a thriller – but the umpires didn’t come out of it looking very good, and they copped some stinging criticism from commentators and even players.

Danish: “I’m reading some positive stuff about the ‘Cricketeers’. I visited 2 games at Trent Bridge and can confirm that this idea is wonderful and the people were super helpful!”

subhayan : “For me West Indies is the surprise package of this world cup. Bangladesh, we always knew that they will pull out one or two but West indies fast bowling in the last game and till now batting today has been really great to watch.”

S Gallangoda: “I dont think a wash out favors SL at all. To reach Semis (at least to have a hope) This is the kind of match SL has to win. I know PAK are favorites for this match but they are not as heavy favorites as most of other countries SL are about to face in coming rounds.”

Umar: “Checking out the official cricket merchandise outside the stadium. It’s raining heavily guys. And cricketeers here are suggesting to check app for the updates.” – they’re a fine bunch of folk, are the cricketeers. Always ready to help, and always with a smile.

Zohaib: “Are you serious??? dance-off..! The Windies will blow away every opposition with their moves… ” – but it will be far more entertaining to watch than arm-wrestling. And West Indies would likely win that too.

Saranga Gallang: “SL had too many strong teams. They did really well in world cups. They have one world cup win and two runners up places for show for that. But still no wins against PAK at world cups. I know its true. But how can that be? Any logical (literally) explanations???” – there are no explanations for these quirks. In the same way that Pakistan don’t have a win against India in World Cups.

Rohan Arinaya: “Just curious, what are the fantasy league recommendations for today’s game??” – asking the right questions is Rohan. . Now if only the skies would be as sunny as your optimism, we might be able to sneak in a game.

Aliyan Khan: “What if Pak vs Ind match is washed off???” – even the clouds are not so bold as to attempt something that foolhardy…

Shishank Dahiya: “Mohd Shahzad is out of the WC. How bad that is for Afg’s chances.” – The World Cup will certainly be losing colour. But I don’t think it will harm Afghanistan’s chances a whole lot.

Jake: “Looking at the weather forecast around the UK for the next week or so, I’m sad to say it looks like we could have a few more washed out games…as well as likely this one :(“

KanwariKuri: “In WC matches, there should be a contingency, if no result is possible on the field, the two captains have a best of 3 arm wrestle, winner takes the 2 points; simples” – on the whole, I’d prefer a dance-off.


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