Top Banks in Pakistan

by Zaryyab Salman
Top Banks In Pakistan
Top Banks In Pakistan

Top Banks In Pakistan []

Top Banks in Pakistan

The banking sector in Pakistan has flourished and since then has been the introduction of formal banking institutions in the Pakistan. The number of objects offered by private banks has increased, keeping pace with rapid changes in technology and methods of payment. The development of banking services has also increased. Currently, most companies offer mobile banking and online banking, internet banking, and credit cards and now in 2018 card less banking have significantly reduced the need for excess liquid assets.

Banks are growing, and Pakistanis are riding the waves. Below is a list of the best banks in Pakistan, in a certain order. These companies have developed well over the years and provided their customers with the maximum convenience, quality services and excellent customer service. Some of their types of accounts are well adapted to meet the needs of both households and businesses, and each bank has something new to offer its customers.

1. National Bank of Pakistan (The Nation’s Bank)

The National Bank of Pakistan (NBP) is a large Pakistani commercial bank headquartered in Karachi. Although it belongs to the state, it acts as a commercial bank, but continues to act as a trustee of public funds and as an agent to the State Bank of Pakistan in those places where the State bank of Pakistan does not have a presence, since the State bank of Pakistan is the main shareholder of the NBP.

The Bank provides both commercial and banking services to the public sector. It is a leading player in the debt securities market, corporate investment banking, retail and consumer banking, financing of agriculture, treasury services. As of March 2017, there are 2,302 branches in Pakistan with assets of about $17.2 billion. The Bank also operates a network of 21 international branches, 2 international subsidiaries and 3 international offices. The bank also has a presence in the United Kingdom through United National Bank Ltd (UNBL), a banking institution registered in the United Kingdom.

The Bank also holds annual awards for outstanding achievements in the field of literature, which award awards to the best books in Urdu and all known regional languages. The Bank is also the largest sports sponsor in Pakistan. The Top Banks in Pakistan.

NBP Products
Islamic Banking Product Conventional Banking Products
Deposit Schemes
Weightages & Rates
Financing Facilities
Other Services
Shahriah Portal
Aitemaad Asaan Account
Aitemaad Hamsafar Auto Finance
Premium Aamdani
Premiun Saver
Asaan Account
Choice Current Account
Advance Salary
Cash Card
Cash n Gold
Kisan Taqat
Kisan Dost

Download NBP Digital – National Bank of Pakistan Android Application

2. HBL: (Jahan Khawab, Wahan HBL)

The name of the bank has now been reduced to HBL Pakistan and was previously known as Habib Bank Limited. His clientele exceeds five million. The bank has more than 1700 branches and 1,400 ATMs in Pakistan, and the share of the banking sector is more than 40 percent. He also monopolized domestic foreign remittances with a market share of 55 percent, as well as loans for small businesses, traders and farmers.

HBL was recognized as the best retail bank in Pakistan by Asian banker and currency bank No. 1 in Pakistan from Euromoney. The Pakistan Management Association also awarded it the Corporate Excellence Award in the financial category.

HBL Products
Islamic Banking Product Conventional Banking Products
CA-PLS Accounts
HBL Murabaha
HBL Diminishing Musharka
HBL Ijarah
HBL Salam
HBL Istisna Financing
HBL Car Ijarah
Branchless Banking
Internet Banking


3. United Bank Limited: Where You Are First

United Bank Limited was founded in 1958 and was nationalized, and then sold again to the private sector. Currently, there are more than 1,385 branches in 130 cities in Pakistan. It also has 19 branches abroad. This makes him one of the largest banks working here.

UBL Products
Islamic Banking Product Conventional Banking Products
Ameen Accounts
Ameen Drive Car Financing
Accounts Personal, Business
Branchless Banking
Internet Banking


4. MCB Bank Limited: The Bank of Life

MCB was the first bank that was privatized in 1991 after the initial wave of nationalization in 1974. At present, it is the fourth largest bank in Pakistan with an asset base of $ 7 billion. The USA as of 2012. It also has about 4 million customers. At the moment, it has more than 1,000 branches, including 22 branches of Islamic banking and more than 650 ATMs in 110 cities.

Muslim Commercial Bank was the one who introduced the 24-hour cash withdrawal system, and its ATM / debit card can be used anywhere in the world. It was also the first to come up with the idea of ​​a common ATM network with other banks, which was the biggest leap for banking in Pakistan.

This is the nine-time recipient of the Euro money Prize for excellence. He received the award “The Strongest Bank 2010” from The Asian Banker. MCB Top Banks in Pakistan.

MCB Products
Islamic Banking Product Conventional Banking Products
Hayat, Accounts
Na’mat Term Deposits
Asoodgi Term Deposits
Deposit Accounts
Home Remittance
Consumer Loans
MCB Lite
Investment Services
Rupee Travellers Cheque


5. Allied Bank Limited: Account Aap Kay Dil Mein Hamara

Allied Bank Limited was the first Muslim bank that was ever created on land, now called Pakistan. Its formation dates back to 1942. Earlier it was known as Australasia Bank Limited, but after merging with Sarhad Bank Limited, Lahore Commercial Bank Limited and Pak Bank Limited, it was renamed Allied Bank to represent the development.

Currently, the bank has 964 Branches throughout Pakistan, which makes it one of the largest banks in the country. As for personal banking, he offers daily bills, life style banking, savings and time deposits, credit and debit cards, internal transfers, banking services and e-banking services. Corporate and Investment Banking, Transactions in Business and Transactions, Home Remittances, Cash Management Solutions, Trade Services, SME Finance and Agricultural Financing are part of their corporate sector. Extended hours Banking services, Internet banking, Deposit safes, utility bills, Allied Phone Banking and Customer Support are also offered by the bank, in addition to Islamic banking.


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