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What To Wear During Traveling

by Zaryyab Salman

With the start of the year, the busiest travel season looms. Travelling is one of the greatest things to do, whether it be with family or friends and business, regardless of destination. The great strain is however, the travel time it takes to reach holiday central from your doorstep. For some holidays, travel time can be anywhere near twenty hours, which is debilitating and sometimes uncomfortable to say the least. Finding the correct outfit in an attempt to look decent while being able to sleep in it is a difficult mission. Whether you are flying, driving or sailing, this is exactly what you need to take into account before you get dressed and begin your travel journey.


First thing to remember when uncovering the perfect travel outfit is to simplify. Keep your pieces to a minimal, wearing only necessary garments. If you are prone to feeling chilly, add unobtrusive layers. To avoid looking messy or undone, maintain one dominant colour and then stick to that. Most celebrities opt for black, as it is both chic and easy.


Comfort is obviously one of the highest priorities, particularly if you’re travel time exceeds the usual. Most experts recommend wearing socks, as they’ll maintain body temperature as well as keeping unfortunate foot odors at bay. Long-line cardigans are a great piece to bring along, as they double as a blanket and ensure maximum warmth during any cold spells while you’re travelling. If you’re not a fan of the tracksuit effect, then you might as well pull out a pair of tights. While tights are not the biggest style piece to flaunt, they are irresistibly comfortable, and that is something you’re going to desire during travel.


Think carefully about accessories when travelling. As a rule, the fussy and potentially uncomfortable ones are better off in the travel bag rather than on your body. This means most jewellery, particularly if you’re inclined to wearing statement pieces. Keep metals to a minimal. Sunglasses, however, are a definite need. It is rare for a person to emerge from extensive travel looking anything but weary, so grab a big pair and stow them close to you for immediate wear whenever you may need them. Bonus, you won’t have to bother with eye makeup.


On the same line as minimizing jewellery, think twice before wearing anything with buckles. This is particularly important if you plan to travel by flight, as you’ll have to discard of any metal multiple times before boarding the flight, as you make your way through security. Buckles are also indefinitely uncomfortable, so leave your belts in your bag, and your gladiator sandals at home.

minimizing jewellery

When it comes to finding the perfect travel bag, contrary to popular ruling, bigger is better. While you may be on a hard and fast journey to efficient packing, it is never a good situation to be pressed for space. Better to have everything you’re taking in one big bag than four smaller ones. It makes for cleaner and faster travel and applies to carry-on luggage too.


Lastly, get yourself a scarf for your travel adventure. Whether it is of warm or cooler material, an oversized scarf can give a sure illusion of being wrapped up in bed, which is something every tired traveller would love. Easy to transport and convenient to the max, a scarf is another thing that will make your travel journey the very easiest it’s ever been.

Travel with bag

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