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WhatsApp Video Calling Feature Here Now

by Zaryyab Salman
Whatsapp Video Calling

WhatsApp Video Calling Feature Here Now

For the one billion and those that use the Whatsapp each month, Facebook launched Whatsapp Video Calling Feature, WhatsApp is each a helpful and torture some tool – helpful as a result of nearly everyone you recognize uses it, torture some attributable to the barrage of not-as-meaningful messages (read: forwards) several folks receive daily. The launch of video business may be a substantive addition, continued WhatsApp’s recent spree of transportation new options to World’s favorite electronic messaging app. See More: Google Duo Free Video Calling App by Google

Trick to Activate WhatsApp Video Calling Feature

WhatsApp Video Calling

You simply need to follow these steps:

  1. Backup all your chats,
  2. Wipe WhatsApp data,
  3. Log in again on WhatsApp.

You can try the above trick that had helped some users activate the video calling feature, but make sure you successfully backup your chats first.

Many of the recently added  options, as well as video chat, writing over pictures and videos, @mentions in cluster chats, quoted replies etc, square measure clearly galvanized by alternative in style messengers like message, Snapchat, Skype etc. Here square measure some alternative options we have a tendency to want WhatsApp borrowed from alternative in style electronic messaging apps.


1. Granular controls for machine media transfer

WhatsApp presently has international settings wherever you get to settle on once to mechanically transfer photos, videos, audio and documents that are sent to you either on an individual basis, or in a very cluster. everybody is aware of they ought to put off Data downloads on mobile knowledge, so you don’t uncalled-for burn through your monthly quota. It conjointly is also wise to show off machine downloads entirely (even once on Wi-Fi) to forestall your phone’s internal storage from being clogged with media files. however thanks to this, it becomes inconvenient once you receive a stream of media from choose those who you really would like to ascertain, that are accessible solely once you click on every item, and initiate a transfer. Here, granular controls for automatic media downloading would help; wherever you’ll be able to set auto-downloading rules for people or teams.

2. Direct login via desktop (phone association not required)

WhatsApp’s arrival on computers was so a boon, since we tend to not need to juggle between phone and PC whenever we tend to receive a message. however the implementation isn’t conventional; it needs your phone to be turned on and connected to the web for for the desktop app to figure. this is often inconvenient from time to time say, once your phone is out of charge, and you wish to reply to somebody mistreatment the PC. competitive apps like wire or Facebook’s own traveler app work severally on every platform they’re offered.

3. Audio conference

WhatsApp more voice line in March last year, and that we believe it’s concerning time conference audio calls created its thanks to the app. this may facilitate not simply you and your friends to attach simply, businesses also will have the benefit of this, particularly those weekly conference calls groups build.

4. Encrypted cloud backups
While WhatsApp offers end-to-end encryption for chats, this doesn’t touch chat backups. The conversations you backup on iCloud or Google Drive area unit unencrypted, which suggests that if somebody gains access to those your conversations area unit exposed. providing encrypted backups would solve this drawback.

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