Zong 3G, 4G Packages 2017 with Rates

by Zaryyab Salman
Zong 3G internet packages

Zong 3G, 4G Packages 2017 with Rates

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Zong 3G internet packages

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Zong 3G, 4G And 2G Internet Packages

Zong launched 3G, 4G daily, weekly and month-to-month internet packages at very inexpensive value. Zong has launched 4 daily internet packages named as Daily Mini, Daily Basic, Daily Premium and Zong Nightly. They have launched just one weekly bundle which is named as Weekly Premium. They’ve additionally introduced eight monthly internet packages that are named as Monthly Mini, Monthly Basic, Monthly Premium 1 GB, Monthly Premium 2 GB, Monthly 4 GB, Monthly Premium+ 10 GB, Monthly Premium+ 20 GB.   The details of all the packages are proven within the beneath the desk.

Packages Quantity Validity          Value          Activate
Daily Basic 100 MB 1 Day Rs. 15 SMS “db” to 6464
Daytime Offer 1GB 4am to 4pm Rs. 12 SMS “dto” to 6464
Daily Data Max 500 MB 1 Day Rs. 35 SMS “dp” to 6464
Good Night Offer 500 MB 1am to 9am Rs. 6 SMS “gno” to 6464
Weekly 700 MB 7 Days Rs. 70 SMS “weekly” 6464
Super Weekly 2 GB 7 Days Rs. 100 *2*1#
Monthly Mini 150 150 MB 30 Days Rs. 50 SMS “m150mb” 6464
Monthly Basic 500 500 MB 30 Days Rs. 150 SMS “m500mb” 6464
Monthly Premium 2GB 2 GB 30 Days Rs. 300 SMS “m2gb” 6464
Monthly Premium 6GB 6 GB* 30 Days Rs. 600 SMS “m6gb” 6464
Monthly Premium 10GB 10 GB 30 Days Rs. 1800 SMS “m10gb” 6464
Month-to-month Premium+ 20 GB 30 Days Rs. 3500 SMS “m20gb” 6464

* free 1GB each night time from 1 am to 9 am

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The best way to check Remaining Internet Data

You’ll be able to check remaining internet data of your bundle by dialing *102#. For any other data dial Zong helpline 310.


1. Watch out for utilizing the internet without any data bundle. It’s cost Rs. 18 per MB.
2. Your bundle will routinely subscribe for the next time if there’s balance in your account. To unsubscribe from a bundle SMS unsub bundle name (For example unsub mini) to 6464.

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