5 Google Funny Tricks

by Shahzad Mughal

Internet is Google & Google is Internet . Everyone  use Google daily for different tasks. But you  does not  know some tricks , funny games  and searches  that Google provides to every users. But they are hidden behind its vast coat of database.

Here’s i am sharing with you some tricks names with theirs images. I hope you will like this. So following are the some tricks :-


  •  Do a barrel roll trick: google-trick- 1

Simply go to Google.com and simple type in the search box “do a barrel    roll” & see the magic .


  • Tilt page trick:

Tilt page trick

Simply go to Google.com and search for “tilt” on Google and see how your google page tilts a little .


  • Zerg Rush:


 Simply go to Google.com and simple type “zerg rush” in Google search box .The ‘o’ and ‘o’ of Google  will appear from the top & the right of the Google page & slowly slowly eats up the whole page leaving nothing . Its so funny watch it.


  • Bonus:


Just simply click on this link and watch the magic elgoog.im. 

A rotated version of google.com , it is also a  kind of google tricks.  That’s provides you with a reversed Google site.


  • Google Gravity:


Type in “Google Gravity” in your homepage & then simply click on the “I’ m feeling lucky” button. It is also a google funny trick that’s called “Google Gravity”. But this trick works only Google Chrome.


I hope you will enjoy that if you like this  & which was your favorite one of them ? Then  tell us in comments below :)



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