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Benefits Of Eating Peanuts

by Shahzad Mughal


The winter season has started, and where to avoid the cold weather use warm clothes like there are also use dishes and fruit bcajasky from the cold. Today I present to you one of these fruits fruit which we know as peanuts will kazkrkrun its benefits. Ualasb peanuts to be used in the winter is the most favorite fruits like gentlemen and ladies of all ages. Peanut is also unique in terms of taste. Kabadam kugrybun also called peanuts. Peanuts can be eaten in any season, but especially in winter when the sun goes down, people tend to like to eat cold food in a separate kaapna have fun.
Peanut fruit a pod in the wall but it is kasmar. Peanut person who pulled apart the different foods katyl, double, bread, cakes and medicines hy.mung been arrested in the first kulug raw, fry, boil krastamal are tackling addition to adding flavor to various dishes The dishes are made. Especially peanut use in sweet dishes are confirmed as much. Besides the physical benefits are numerous. Cooked peanuts to be a more chemicals will be lost in this. Peanut fruit in the fruit price is amyrugryb can buy easily. Juakrut can not buy peanuts walnut is kamtbadl who buy peanuts walnuts all ajzء kafaydh are some tips.
The following characteristics in physical terms, there are peanuts.
Peanut protein, calcium, vitamin E, vitamin A, B6 and phosphorus is added.
Peanut is nerve nutrient.
Peanut is useful to slim and vulnerable individuals.
Diabetes type tumyn the use is beneficial.
Peanut insulin level is maintained.
The iron contained in the blood that makes new cell.
Bodybuilder can take full advantage of it.
Do not use peanuts in the form of scabies.
Strengthen bones and teeth make peanuts.
These anti-oxidants are found in peanuts in the food beets and carrots are more than apples.
If your hair is falling must use peanuts.

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