Coronavirus – March 24

by Jal Pari
Coronavirus March 24

Coronavirus, the Updates of the Night and the morning of today 24 March 2020

Coronavirus March 24

every hour, in every part of the world, the advance of the  coronavirus is frightening, makes victims, increases contagions and alarms, and in all corners of the globe the news runs on the razor’s edge of the global drama, of the measures of this and that government and the rampant, disarming inability to see its conclusion even today.

What’s happening today? As things turned out in the field  dissemination of  Covid 19 in these early hours of March 23, 2020?

Here are the most important data of the  night and  early  hours of the  morning of this new day in the field of  coronavirus.

Coronavirus, the updates of the night and the morning of today 23 March 2020: Bags, increase of infections, Korea cases

Around 09.31 the rumor of the collapse of the smartphone market has spread : there is talk of -38% and because of the  coronavirus . According to Strategy Analytics, in February there was a drop of -38% compared to the same period in 2019 and this is seen as “the biggest drop ever in the history of smartphones”.

Huawei’s shipments – already hit hard by the US blockade – plummet to 5.5 million units and the Chinese company surrenders third place to Xiaomi. At the first and second there are still Samsung and Apple, but both decreasing. In China, several companies and stores are still closed due to the epidemic.

update at 9.32

07.49: the news spreads that the cases of coronavirus in the world are now approaching 340 thousand , while the number of deaths has exceeded 14,700 units. The healed ones approach 99,000.

And what comes out of the latest bulletin from Johns Hopkins University. For completeness of data, the number of people infected is 339,259, the number of deaths has reached 14,706, and the people recovered are 98,834.

About two hours earlier, around 05.22, there had been confirmation that in South Korea the new cases of coronavirus recorded on Sunday had dropped to 64 compared to 98 on Saturday, for a total of 8,961.

This is the lowest figure since mid-February, as confirmed by the Korea Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. The country has improved internal anti-contagion and quarantine rules for arrivals from Europe. Deaths increased to 111. Confirmed cases in Daegu and Northern Gyeongsang , the two South Korean epicenters of the infection, rose to 6,411 and 1,256.

update at 5.24

At 04.11, China announced that it had registered zero new internal cases of coronavirus, but 39 new imported infections. In its data, the National Health Commission (NHC) confirms nine deaths on Sunday, all in Wuhan.

Two months after the quarantine of 60 million people , the province of Hubei and its capital city did not register any further infections in five days in a row. China has seen infections rise to 81,093, of which 5,120 are still under treatment; 3,270 deaths and 72,703 discharged from hospitals, equal to a cure rate soared to 89.6%.

At the beginning of the night, at 00.15 hours Trump had confirmed that he had spoken to Xi about the virus. Donald Trump said at a press conference that he had had an interview with the Chinese coronavirus president . “I am a little angry with China,” he said, while confirming his respect for Xi Jinping.


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