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The Military Alliance is Planning to Head Back to Raheel Sharif ?

by Shahzad Mughal

The military alliance Raheel Sharif conspiracy behind the head? What Trump after Saudi Arabia? Journalist Hamid Mir startling revelations.

Zarinews.com: Syrian-Turkish border throughout journey on the road thru the stunning gardens packed with olive orchards. Olive Holy Quran and recall the olive and fig trees within the river when the car turned into going thru the bridge the river water brightness of the Euphrates I read in history books that remind her many activities.
Olive orchards and Euphrates water that I was probably forced to appearance inside the window on the primary date.
The trip becomes a town of mystics, mystics of the prayer within the mosque of the metropolis known as the town of the Prophets Ayub process.
Arrange near the cave where he had spent the times of his infection and make him their persistence so patient with this disorder known as Ayubi.

State Bank of Pakistan introduced new currency notes of Eid SMS service

Near the cave, they observed the therapy for task’s water is properly. any other ancient location within the enlightened metropolis place acknowledged to him.

Journalist Hamid Marin writes in a column that there’s a mosque and the mosque wherein the Prophet Abraham become born is in the cave. Locals claim that the area in which Nimrod had the Prophet Abraham inside the fire vicinity is close to the cave.

And that I discover an e-book stall there, but could not discover an e-book speedy.

Ayub mystics town turned into filled with refugees, one Syrian refugee woman with out hijab is not thy.

Ayub foundation has installation a bakery in Pakistan mystics. thru this gadget daily bakery cards are dispensed among lots of refugees.

SALT: Use it to Stop Migraine Suddenly

The millions of mothers searching for the unhappy faces steep women in line to take bread Muslim proper away that this idea comes, sisters and daughters will ask for bread to be whilst standing in queues?

wealthy in oil-rich among Arab countries within the combating, but they do not see why his humiliation within the Arabic-speaking humiliation of refugee women currently 35 million refugees have taken safe haven in Turkey. at the least, six million youngsters are orphaned.

The range of orphaned refugee children in Syria has exceeded a million. the previous seven-yr civil struggle in Syria academic institutions are closed and millions of kids now not going to high school. those youngsters are consuming away the refugee camps or on the streets.

A Blacksmith Remarkable Feat in Gujranwala Pakistan’s Nuclear Program

Lose a whole generation of teaching those militant agencies is turning into the gas of worldwide and regional powers are used for their very own purposes.

Mystics were given a danger to listen to painful stories of many widows at some point of the ride to Rehan & Akls.

Russian forces become killed by means of a husband, a husband became killed by the ISIS, a family was a sufferer of the tyranny of Assad’s Navy and became hit via a fuel bomb in Idlib.
if you’ll no longer fight? if they fight among themselves who will benefit?

Rehan became in Turkey and human rights and dignity in a small population of Syria have fashioned a huge orphanage and college in Qatar. school costs Foundation has furnished intensity.

See the faculty determined little delight that each one Syrian orphans could be gasoline for the warfare but became sticking a fork into the coronary heart.

in this remote place arrived to assist orphans Qatar where are the Arab nations?

Turks opened its doors to Syrian refugees with the aid of erasing differences Arab and non-Arab guidelines they’ve determined no longer to nationality however who’ve shaped the military in the name of Islamic cohesion and the Arab NATO ‘to being human right here Why no longer?

it’s miles actual that refugees have taken refuge in Jordan, Lebanon, and Saudi Arabia, but the maximum of them by way of running the Pakistani government for refugee alleviation in Turkey and

Turkish obstacles face the ones noted once more, presently simply have to mention that olive bushes journey story show symptoms me the splendid warfare

in the mountainous area expanded further variations warfare danger to Saudi Arabia and Qatar .

Saudi Arabia has launched a monetary boycott of Qatar met with several Arab nations.

I remorse for saying that the authorities of Iran, with Saudi Arabia do no longer recognize the gravity of the scenario.

I am able to forge a whole generation communal hearth of sectarian combating now not a lesbian Muslim countries and rulers ego is the real agenda.

Muslim enemies! Sometime in the past, while I was being fashioned an army alliance of Islamic international locations led by means of Saudi Arabia majority of Pakistanis were suggested warning the Nawaz Sharif authorities.
Then Donald Trump arrived in Saudi Arabia.

They danced inside the shadows of swords with King Salman has been dancing broke the solidarity that the alignment became not over and against each other.

Has set up that the brand new language is naker God created.

go back and make itself a celebration to the fighting among Pakistan’s Muslims.

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