Things to do When You are at Home

by Jal Pari
Things To Do When You Are At Home

Here are a lot of Things to do When You are at Home i like to do when i’m stuck at home due to covid-19 or something else, which to be honest is a lot of the time.

Things To Do When You Are At Home

hello my friends it’s Mermaid and i hope y’all are staying safe and healthy during, these difficult times. currently there is the coronavirus outbreak that has been heavily affecting the globe and i wanted to make a post that can hopefully cheer you up a little bit. i actually had a few different ideas in mind but then i realized they weren’t quite appropriate to do at this time. so here we are, probably self-quarantining ourselves or are literally in quarantine, or practicing social distancing and isolation, trying to figure out how to spend more time indoors.

This will all pass. I hope practice good hygiene, wash your hands well, keep your hands away from your face (especially your eyes, nose, mouth), practice social distancing and try to stay at home as often as you can for now.

Things to do When You are at Home

“Read a book”
“Stay active”
“Clean you Environment”
“Learn something new”
“Communicate with loved ones”
“Cook something nice”
“Spied on people from my window”
“Listen to your favorite songs”
“Writing Blog”
“Watch dramas and anime”
“Do homework(if u have some)”
“Clean your room/or somewhere in your house”
“Make a fort”
“Help your parents with cooking”
“Pretend to be a carrot”
“Watch Netflix”
– study English
– study french
– study Chinese
– study physics
– study biology
– study chemistry
– study Maths
– study history

Write you opinions and what are you doing at Homes, Your welcome,stay safe!

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