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10$/day Passive income Method For Newbie

by Zaryyab Salman
Passive Income Method

Passive income Method: I started this 2 weeks ago, I saw it somewhere on forum, but I will write this to motivate you, this work 100% and really everyone can make money with this.

I know that Craigslist is one of the most populated classified, but I’m NON US citizen so I use 3-4 other classifieds (amazon.com works best in my case)

So let’s start:

10$/day Passive income Method For Newbie

Passive Income Method

1. Go to Amazon and find some 100+$ and 150+$ product (bigger commision), take Affiliate link and put it in https://bitly.com/ and some others shortner.

I use Bitly because you can free signup and track every click on link.

2. Register on classified and make ad, copy ad description (size, price, place, condition) from Amazon and on the end of the ad put something like this:

“Hi, I posted my ex. Camera (or TV…) on Amazon because it is more secure to buy from there and you will get free shipping.

Click on this link to buy it from Amazon:Top 10 Color Laser Printers 2017″ (or put Buy now button with link to Amazon)”

3. Publish Ad.

4. Your ad will get 20-30 views in 2-3 hours, and 100 more next 2 days.

5. Rinse and Repeat this, you can put any product, for me, best items are TV or Audio systems.

I will not put any proofs and do not PM me for any proofs, you can make at least one-two sales per day with this.

I hope lot of newbies will get their first money with this. Cheers!

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